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Home » Entertainment » Grandma accidentally knits ‘inappropriate’ shark blanket for her young grandson

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One kind grandma who knitted her young grandson a nice big shark blanket found herself the laughing stock of the internet after the image was shared thousands of times – because it ended up looking a bit rude.

The photo of the lad lying on the sofa with the blanket wrapped around him like a mermaid tail was posted to Imgur.

But eagle-eyed users of the site quickly noticed there was something fishy about it.
The shark fin looks, well, you can make your own mind up.

Amused commenters quickly weighed in, with one person imagining the conversation going on: “As she’s knitting: ‘Hun does this look like a penis to you?’ ‘Ahh he’ll never notice.'”

Others speculated that she knew exactly what she was doing. One said: “Grandma’s no fool, she’s perfectly aware of what she’s done.”

Dress H Selling amp;M H Casual Selling Another added: “Isn’t the fin facing backwards anyway? Seems fishy.”

But everyone agreed that Grandma is “freaking awesome” and want her to make them a blanket, too.

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