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Materials 100% Nylon
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Imagine how much more is possible when cities work with a united private sector

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Selling Selling International Casual Moda Moda Dress rFZxYr

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Pioneered by Mastercard, City Possible is a new model of public-private partnerships that brings together cities with a united private sector to solve system-wide challenges. By codeveloping, piloting and scaling solutions, it strengthens the new triple bottom line: people, cities and businesses.

Why does it matter?

The future of our world rests in the future of our cities.

The extreme pace of urbanization is affirming cities across the world as drivers of economic growth, innovation, global leadership, and, above all, as magnets for people looking for a better life.

With growth come major challenges. Cities and the private sector have begun to address these issues together. Yet too often, solutions offered by private enterprises focus on fixing a specific problem while cities are looking for roadmaps to implement digital transformation across their operations.

Real progress demands a fundamental change in the way city and business leaders work together.

City Possible aims to build a path towards a sustainable urban future that uplifts all segments of the community. It strengthens the new triple bottom line: people, cities and businesses.

The City Possible operating model consists of three interconnected engines that seamlessly support one another.


Read more about City Possible and the future of cities.

Together we can make cities more connected and inclusive.

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