Boutique amp; Ali Roz Khaki Shorts rRrCa

Hawai‘i’s coastal communities are particularly vulnerable to impacts from hurricanes, tsunamis, and other coastal disaster events due to the state’s isolated location in the Pacific and development concentrated along low-lying shores. Impacts from infrequent coastal disaster events will become more severe with climate change and sea level rise. Human impacts to coastal environments that act as natural barriers including beaches and reefs also makes our communities more vulnerable to impacts from storms and high waves. The ability to build back safer, stronger, smarter, and faster after a damaging disaster while considering potential impacts to natural and cultural resources is a critical aspect of community resilience. This requires careful planning among government agencies and communities long before a disaster occurs.

Boutique amp; Ali Roz Khaki Shorts rRrCa Boutique amp; Ali Roz Khaki Shorts rRrCa
Materials 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex