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Casual Boutique Skirt Boutique Casual Cyber Security Challenge - Oct 5th

Team up now
and start training!

Are you a Replyer?

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A series of challenges created by Replyers and open to anyone who loves technology and online competitions. Reply Challengers are all about having fun, showing off your talent for coding games, it security, creativity and much more, and, who knows: winning some great prizes along the way.
Train for the upcoming ctf challenges in the Sandboxes. Try to solve our training or previous challenges and see how well you score.

5th October: the Reply CYBER SECURITY FLAG, CAPTURE THE FLAG edition (CTF) is a team-based security online competition. Its open both to students and professionals, and created by the Keen Minds, a team of Replyers who are passionate cyber security specialists.

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In the Jeopardy-style CTF edition, each team tries to solve 25 challenges, divided into 5 categories: Coding, Web, Trivia, Crypto, and Binary. Each category is made up of 5 levels.

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The challenge takes place online, 5th October, from 19:30 (CEST) Friday 5th October 2018, to 19:30 CEST Saturday 6th October.
You can now Boutique Pullover Sweater style SONOMA life aF1qar for the Capture the Flag Edition. Form you team and start training with the Sandbox Problem and get ready for October 5th!

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